Every deployment is different and may require new skills and coping strategies. Learn how to recognize and manage stress, stay connected to loved ones, manage your finances and vote when you are deployed.

Manage your stress

Some stress keeps you at the top of your game. But too much can have negative effects on your performance, safety and well-being. During deployment, it is especially important to know the signs of stress and learn how to manage them in a healthy way. Check out the following resources for ideas:

It’s also important to know where to go for professional help, such as:

Stay connected

When you’re deployed it can be tough to stay connected to those you love back home. Learn about different ways to keep your relationships strong while you’re away.

Stay fiscally fit

Deployment can impact a household budget. Your pay could change or you could run into unexpected expenses. With the right information and a little extra effort, you can stay fiscally fit during deployment. Here are some resources to help you stay in command of your household budget:


Even if you’re miles from home, you can still exercise your right to vote. Absentee ballots make it possible for your vote to count, no matter where you are on Election Day. Learn more about absentee voting with these resources:

Deployment can be a challenge, but help is available whenever and wherever you need it. Use the resources above to stay strong during deployment.

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