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The Defense Department is committed to helping service members, their families and anyone moving with the military get organized and master their move.

To help customers access moving resources more easily, has moved to the Military OneSource website. Now, personal property resources from the Defense Personal Property Program are available here for your convenience. From entitlements and weight estimators to moving a privately owned vehicle, find the information and resources you need to make a smooth move.

Online Tools

Use these online tools and websites to help you manage your personal property shipment.

Visit the Defense Personal Property System, or DPS, landing page to begin setting up your move.

As of April 2024, the DPS landing page will display a series of questions that will help you determine if your shipment(s) will be carried out under the Global Household Goods Contract (GHC) or processed by DPS and moving under the legacy program. Depending on your move dates and locations, your responses will either allow you to continue onto DPS where you can schedule your move, track your shipment or file a moving claim; or you will be sent to the DOD’s MilMove system for movement under GHC.

Log in using a common access card, or CAC, or by obtaining a user ID and password before accessing DPS.

Having trouble? See the “Quick Reference Guide” in the upper right-hand corner of the DPS landing page for tutorials on how to perform specific tasks in DPS. Contact the System Response Center for help with:

  • Access and navigation
  • Account issues
  • Technical support

Personal Property System Response Center (toll free): 800-462-2176
Hours: Open 24/7
Email: DPS help
Email: MilMove help
OCONUS users: Contact your local operator for DSN dialing instructions

DPS is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Firefox (version 24 and later), Google Chrome (version 25 and later) and Apple Safari (version 5.1.7 and later). Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

PCSmyPOV is an online resource for service members moving or storing their privately owned vehicles during a PCS.

Learn more about shipping a car overseas.

The Defense Personal Property Program Customer Facing Dashboard is an online tool giving moving customers access to program trends and statistics, as well as the ability to view detailed information about moving companies operating in the program. Customers can use the dashboard to check the timeliness of deliveries, review satisfaction scores, assess a moving company’s performance trends and much more.

Need help determining how much your household goods shipment might weigh? Use the weight estimator tool to discover the average weight of standard household items and get an estimated calculation to compare with your entitlement allowance.

Privately-owned truck weight scales locations are available to get required vehicle weight tickets when conducting a full or partial personally procured move, also known as a PPM or “do-it-yourself” move. There are several companies that offer these weight scales, and you can search the internet to find a location near you.

Check with your local transportation office to get more details on weighing your vehicle. You can use the MilitaryINSTALLATIONS tool to find your local transportation office contact information.

Guides and FAQs

Whether you’re looking for quick moving tips or comprehensive personal property policy information, these resources can help you find the answers you need.

Arranging a Personal Property Shipment reviews the steps that occur before packing even begins. Learn about things you can do while you wait for official orders, such as understanding different kinds of moves and shipments and how to use the Defense Personal Property System.

PCS Entitlements provides information about the amount and type of items you are allowed to move for both PCS and temporary duty assignments.

Managing Your Moving Days gives an overview of what you can expect to happen during the loading, transport and delivery of a normal household goods shipment.

Review these pro packing tips from other service members and families to help you get organized and master your next move.

Understanding Moving Claims provides details about filing different kinds of moving claims, including compensation for lost or damaged property, as well as expenses incurred due to a lapse in service.

Find answers to your moving questions in these Defense Personal Property Program Personal Property FAQs.

The Defense Transportation Regulation, Part IV, is the comprehensive personal property guide from the U.S. Transportation Command and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. The following documents featured under Appendix K can help you understand the Defense Personal Property System, your allowances, entitlements, shipment and storage responsibilities, and much more.

Moving Videos and podcasts

Watch this short video about how to share your moving experience feedback via our Customer Satisfaction Surveys.


Watch or listen to members of the Defense Personal Property Program give news updates, tips and advice on managing your move.

Forms and fact sheets

Use the following downloadable resources for quick access to personal property information.

The downloadable Personal Property Claims Fact Sheet provides information and contacts for filing loss and damage, residential damage and POV claims.

The downloadable Inconvenience Claims Fact Sheet provides information and contacts for filing inconvenience claims.

The downloadable Personal Property Quick Reference Guide offers an overview of customer and mover responsibilities, general moving tips and service branch customer service contacts.

Use the downloadable Steps to a Smart Move Infographic for an easy, seven-step overview of the moving process.

This fact sheet provides information about conducting a household goods move that you arrange and perform yourself, while providing tips to avoid rogue movers.

Learn how you can review program metrics and moving company information – such as timeliness of deliveries, satisfaction scores, performance trends and more. Download the Defense Personal Property Program Customer Facing Dashboard Fact Sheet.

Learn more about the 7-day window for scheduling your move in this downloadable 7-Day Scheduling Window Fact Sheet. Find examples of how to calculate your 7-day window, customer service contacts and more.

The downloadable Containerization of Your Personal Property Fact Sheet provides information about containerizing and crating household goods shipments for safe transport.

The downloadable Mold and Your Personal Property Fact Sheet provides information about what to do when mold is discovered during the shipping process.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey and Best Value Score Fact Sheet provides information about when and how you can share your feedback, the importance of completing your surveys and how your answers help ensure moving companies incorporate quality customer service.

The Lithium Battery Fact Sheet provides clarification on lithium batteries or items containing lithium batteries and shipment information for personal property.

This fact sheet explains Non-Temporary Storage, or long-term storage options that could be used during various circumstances such as PCS orders for overseas or remote stateside locations.

A good inventory shows what you’re shipping, the location of contents, and the condition your item is in. This fact sheet will help ensure your household goods inventory is accurate.

Customer service support

Use the following links for personal property customer service and assistance, as well as service branch specific support.

Personal Property Customer Service Contacts provides links for local moving assistance offices, technical help desks, POV shipping and storage, financial assistance, service branch assistance and more.

Your local transportation office can help you with household goods logistics, such as exploring your different moving options and coordinating your shipments. They can also assist with questions about entitlements and allowances. Find contact information for your local household goods/transportation offices at MilitaryINSTALLATIONS.

Learn more about how to use MilitaryINSTALLATIONS and its available features.

Each branch of service is available to assist with moves and offer customer service contacts and specific resources tailored for its members.

Other Moving Support Services

Looking for other types of relocation assistance? The Defense Department offers a wide variety of moving support for service members and their families.

Access moving resources such as PCS planning, financial counseling, school liaisons, spouse employment assistance, help with housing and much more.

You can also learn how to put the military Relocation Assistance Program to work for you.

Learn more about PCS passenger and pet travel options for you and your family to or from an overseas, or OCONUS, location.

If you still have questions or need help locating resources, Military OneSource consultants are available 24/7 to answer questions and connect you with the support you need.

Learn about military bases worldwide. Get installation overviews, check-in procedures, housing, neighborhood information, contacts for programs and services, photos and more.

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