Under the military’s Blended Retirement System, about 85 percent of all active-duty and reserve service members will receive a retirement benefit, even if they don’t qualify for full retirement. That’s a big difference from the low numbers of service members today saving for retirement. Your future self will thank you if you begin saving even modestly today for your tomorrow. Recent changes make it easier to save for your future.


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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Blended Retirement System

Get your questions about the Blended Retirement System answered.

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How Active-Duty Service Members Can Use the High-3 and Final Pay Military Retirement Calculators

You can get a solid estimate in less than five minutes using free retirement pension calculators for both the High-36 and Final Pay legacy retirement systems offered by the Department of Defense. Here’s how to use them – and what you can do to adjust the outcomes to fund your future retirement lifestyle.

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How Active Duty Service Members Can Use the Official BRS Retirement Calculator

Retirement can feel like a long way away, especially if you’ve only just started your military career. Still, what you save today will grow significantly by the time you’re ready to retire —even if it’s only a little bit each month.

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How Members of the National Guard and Reserves Can Use the Official BRS Retirement Calculator

Military members who serve their country as part of the National Guard or a branch’s reserve component may qualify for retirement benefits — including a Blended Retirement System pension and Thrift Savings Plan retirement payments. You can estimate what your potential retirement payments may be with the official BRS military pay calculator.

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Beyond Your Service Member’s Pay: The Benefits of Military Service

As a member of your service member’s support network, you may have heard the good news that both active duty and reserve military personnel received a 3.1% military pay raise in 2020 – among the biggest in a decade. Beyond the salary bump, you’ll be glad to know that your loved one has several ways to be financially fit.


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